2nd Hippest Town in the USA: Marigny

The Marigny is located immediately down river from the French Quarter and follows the curve of the river. In the center is Washington Square Park, an elegant square lined with 200-year-old oaks. Today, the Marigny and nearby Bywater are considered two of the hippest neighborhoods in America. The Marigny is constantly reinvigorating itself. It is now home to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), several hundred artists, and a lively nightlife along Frenchmen Street including jazz and dance clubs with several great restaurants.

“Third World and Proud of It!”


“Third World and Proud of It” is a common joke among the locals. But it doesn’t describe the neighborhood fully at all. The phrase really means that we are moving to a different beat and a different pace. People here take their music, food, history, and art seriously. Everything else is an afterthought.